Compassion has a face and its name is Eden

Dignity and Control. Two essentials for a meaningful life. Through our Eden Alternative, elders experience a greater level of dignity and control in their lives.

Shuksan Healthcare Center provides a broad range of rehabilitation and skilled nursing services. Beyond medical care, our elders also experience a lifestyle called “Eden.” Learn more about the Eden philosophy, news, and its founder at the Eden Alternative website.

Dr. William H. Thomas, Eden’s founder, states that elders do best when they are immersed in a real-world human habitat. Shuksan Healthcare Center has surrounded itself with a loving, caring staff, gentle pets and birds, and children from many walks of life who visit often and brighten everyone’s spirits.

We encourage you to research the facility that ultimately will care for your loved elder. Several points distinguish Shuksan Health Care from other care facilities, including:

  • We’re the only Eden Alternative facility in Whatcom county.
  • We don’t nickle-and-dime you or your elder. Ancillary supplies (shampoo, toothpaste, etc.) are free.
  • We’re family oriented and encourage families to eat meals—for free—with their elder.
  • The building and grounds have pets: dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and fish.
  • Our staff is genuine, stable, and long-term

Vision Statement

A family of friendly faces encouraging wellness, humor, happiness, anda sense of purpose. Where life with all its variety and joys will not be over for our elders when they cross our doorstep.