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What do you think about the aging process? Is it inevitable or can we turn the clock back? The best natural testosterone booster supplements prove that your health, mental and sexual activity are in your hands. Together with these unique products, one can balance the hormonal system and bring back the feeling of youth at any age.

The one challenging thing is the variety of boosting supplements on the market. How to select the one that will satisfy your needs? Find the answers in this review together with a detailed explanation of the most popular and effective products.

  • TestoPrime: Top-rated overall testosterone enhancer
  • Testo-Max: Ideal for muscle growth and vitality
  • Prime Male: Leading testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction and sex drive
  • Testo Fuel: Excellent choice for boosting testosterone and enhancing performance
  • Testodren: Optimal testosterone supplement for men above 40
  • TestRx: Beneficial for muscle development, power, and shedding weight
  • Provacyl: Perfect for men over 50 aiming to boost testosterone levels

What is Testosterone Booster?

As man becomes older, testosterone levels are gradually decreasing. The exact amounts differ and depend on genetics and lifestyle. However, after 40 each man starts to feel the difference compared to his own 20s.

A natural testosterone booster is a product developed to overcome this problem. It does not donate to the body testosterone itself because it does not contain this hormone or other steroids. Instead, its composition is a natural combination of plant extracts, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Together they push the hormonal system into action and restore normal balance.

Role of Testosterone in the Body

Testosterone is the main male hormone that has the following functions:

  • promotion of the development of a reproductive system of a man and the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics;
  • regulation of libido and sperm production;
  • growth of muscles and bones;
  • regulation of fat distribution in the body.

In addition, the quantity of testosterone in the blood is related to strength, stamina, mood and even brainwork. Thus, we can conclude that this powerful compound is more than important for overall health and condition. No wonder that a decrease in it is felt immediately and worsens the quality of life.

How Testosterone Boosters Work

The mechanism of action depends on the specific composition. However, there is a set of similar ingredients and they work in the following directions:

  • Enhance the production of luteinizing hormone which is required as a main signal for testosterone production;
  • Save testosterone molecules from fast breakdown or coupling with inactivating proteins;
  • Help to balance other hormones that are present in the blood, including the female ones.

This is the main direction for influence. However, the action on testosterone levels is direct. In this case, you do not give male hormones to the body. Instead, you push the hormonal system to return to the previous norm and produce hormones as before.

Furthermore, other components are included to normalize metabolism and provide the body with more vitamins and minerals. The fact is that men often experience a lack of nutrients but do not know about it. Therefore, it is important to give the body all the necessary building materials and active compounds that enhance metabolism and serve as energy boosters.

Altogether, we observe the desired effect that feels like becoming young again. Only this happens gradually and such supplements cannot give instant results.

Testosterone Booster Benefits

Now it’s time to answer the question of why so many customers are fond of these supplements, use them on the daily basis and do not hesitate to recommend them to friends and relatives. The reason is the advantages that are linked to their usage together with a remarkable absence of side effects.

This is possible due to natural composition and ingredients that are backed by science. Moreover, many of them have been used for centuries and are well-known aphrodisiacs. Thus, their efficiency is guaranteed.

Muscle Growth

Those customers, who go to the gym, note that their appearance becomes more appealing with the boosting supplements. Lean muscular mass starts to grow faster. Moreover, there is more strength and endurance than before.


As testosterone levels are directly linked to libido, these products bring back the desire and the ability to perform awesomely in the bedroom. Those men who felt that life became dull and uninterested, started to feel young and sexually active again. You’ll grow hard faster and stay as such as long as you wish.


Another great benefit is an energetic boost that also comes after several weeks of regular intake. That means less exhaustion and stress and more productivity at work, in the gym and the bedroom. One feels that he wants to do more and it is definitely possible. No wonder life becomes vivid and bright.

Mood and Cognitive Function

Last but not least, testoselinks are improved, one feels better, there are no swings in mood and the brain starts to work clearly and efficiently.

How to Choose the Right Testosterone Booster for You

If you’ve decided to try and boost your body to return the feeling of youth, it’s crucial to select the supplement that will satisfy your needs. For this, you need to learn more about the ingredients, their quantity, intake recommendations and possible side effects.

Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you have any questions and carefully consider the following points.

Medical conditions

It is important to know what diseases you have, especially those that are chronic. In this case, some supplements may be contraindicated. In addition, due to them you make regularly take some other medicines and supplements. Then, you have to consult a physician on the possibility of their combination with a boosting supplement.

At last, you have to be sure of the absence of allergic reactions. Thus, study the ingredients and pay close attention to your feelings during the first weeks of intake.

Testosterone level

It’s better to check your testosterone level by simple analysis that is prescribed by the doctor. After it, you’ll understand what is better for you and which supplement to choose. On average, the quantity of this male hormone tends to decrease by 1% every year after 40. However, the individual parameters may vary greatly.

Age and lifestyle factors

Furthermore, while reading reviews, take into account your own age and lifestyle as well as your aims. There are supplements designed for enhancing libido and erections, while others contribute more to building muscle mass and reducing the fat amount.
Therefore, formulate your aim and then make a choice. Still, try to apply positive lifestyle changes. If you switch to a healthy diet, reduce stress levels, add regular exercise to your routine and quit bad habits, the efficiency of the supplement will be more pronounced.

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

How to select the best otc testosterone booster? The task may be more than challenging given the variety of options presented on the market. To simplify the process our review summarizes products with efficiency backed by science and safety claimed by customers.

Learn more about the top products developed especially for men, their ingredients and the basics of the mechanism of action. The thing is that each booster has its own uniqueness and direction of influence. Therefore, with this information, one can make a good choice and stay satisfied with the results of intake.

#1. Testo Prime: Best Testosterone Booster Overall

What is Testo Prime

TestoprimeThis product is famous as the best testosterone booster for men that has a unique natural composition with complex influence on the body that includes:

  1. Enhancing the production of luteinizing hormone. The latter signals the body to grow testosterone levels;
  2. Saving the synthesized testosterone from destroying or binding with inactivating proteins;
  3. Restoring the hormonal balance and decreasing the amount of female hormones in the blood.

All this is done due to amino acids, plant extracts, vitamins and microelements. Therefore, the effect is mild and gradual but it provides no stress to the body and lasts longer.

While increasing testosterone levels and bringing men’s power the product also contributes to lean muscles growth and loss of fat. It works as an energy and activity booster that brings confidence and a better mood.

Testo Prime Ingredients

These pills include D-aspartic acid, Ashwagandha, Fenugreek, green tea and pomegranate extract, useful minerals and vitamins. The composition was thoroughly studied and is transparent for customers.

D-Aspartic acid is a crucial component backed by science. According to several investigations, it enhances the luteinizing hormone production and gives the body a strong signal to produce more testosterone.

To increase this action zinc is added to the supplement. Its deficiency always leads to lower testosterone levels. Therefore, its presence guarantees the expected outcome of the intake.

As for the plant extracts, Ashwagandha is a well-known natural aphrodisiac that also activates metabolism. Other extracts are full of useful nutrients and provide the body with energy and antioxidants.

Customer Reviews

Alex, 49: I’ve been taking this supplement for a month and already feel better, more energetic and more active. My sexual life becomes brighter and I also observe some changes in my appearance. That is cool!

Bran, 38: These pills are a true miracle! Due to them, my results in the gym are almost perfect. In general, I feel less tired and there are more desires in my hand for both work and intimate life.

David, 52: I’ve been looking for a natural booster with no side effects and Testo Prime
met my highest expectations!My experience is truly positive and I recommended this product to all those who wish to stay active man.

#2. Testo-Max: Best For Muscle Gain And Energy

What is Testo-Max

Testo-MaxIf you are looking for thebest testosterone booster for muscle gain, then Testo-Max may be your choice. It is a perfect alternative to Sustanon injections that are appreciated by bodybuilders. CrazyBulk has developed this composition to give customers healthier products without dangerous side effects and available without a prescription.

The main idea of these pills is to give the body a mild boost toward testosterone production. They help to balance the hormonal system and improve overall metabolism. Therefore, not only manhood but also an activity and energy returns to the daily life of a man.

Testo-Max Ingredients

This composition includes D-aspartic acid, vitamins B6, D and K1, magnesium and zinc. The most crucial among them are:

  1. D-Aspartic acidwas investigated as a testosterone booster and has proven its efficiency. It is required for luteinizing hormone production. This compound is required for maintaining hormonal balance and keeping testosterone levels high.
  2. Vitamin D takes part in overall metabolism and is important for both the hormonal and muscular systems. Our body produces it under exposure to sunlight. No wonder, modern people often experience its lack. As a result, other health issues appear.
  3. Vitamin K1 is involved in vitamin D metabolism and is also used by the reproductive system. That is why the combination of these two compounds give incredible effects and is considered one of the most powerful for men’s health.

Customer Reviews

John, 48: I was searching for a healthy way to better my athletic performance. Steroids are prohibited for me but with Testo-Max I am totally satisfied with my results. Muscles grow faster and I feel stronger than ever after only 2 months of regular intake of these pills.

Hugo, 55: Recently I started to feel a lack of energy and motivation. My doctor explained to me that is due to low testosterone so I decided to solve this problem. With Testo-Max, I feel the aging process has stopped and I can act with energy all the time.

Max, 41: After some experience with steroids, I decided to quit them. But what about muscle building? I was desperate until a friend of mine told me about Testo-Max. That is a great product without side effects and I’m totally satisfied with its action!

#3. Prime Male: Booster For Erectile Dysfunction And Libido

What is Prime Male

Prime MaleAnother powerful and well-known product is prime male testosterone booster with its dozen ingredients that can really turn back the clock of aging and solve the following issues:

  • low production of luteinizing hormone and subsequent lack of testosterone;
  • too manyglobulins that bind sex hormones and prevent them from action;
  • Imbalanced levels of male and female hormones in the blood.

To achieve this action one needs several weeks of regular intake. After this period, libido improves significantly as well as sexual activity and overall satisfaction with the quality of sexual life. In addition, one feels an upsurge in energy, motivation and stamina.
Altogether, if you’re looking for a way to feel again as in your 20s, that is a perfect solution for you.

Prime Male Ingredients

There are such common ingredients in this composition like vitamins D3, B6, and K2, D-aspartic acid, magnesium, and extract of nettle. However, there are two crucial and unique components, namely – Mucunapruriens extract and luteolin. Together, they provide a dynamic action and guarantee the required result.

Mucunaprurienscontains amino acids that the body needs to produce dopamine. This compound we need for both testosterone production and a better mood and motivation upsurge. As for luteolin, it prevents the destruction of testosterone with the creation of female hormones. The more testosterone in the blood, the stronger manhood, libido and sexual activity.

In addition, black pepper extract improves the absorption of all the components. Therefore, this product gives faster results compared to other supplements.

Customer Reviews

Jack, 53: After my sexual activity dropped, I wonder how it can be improved without the harmful consequences of traditional pills or injections. At last, Prime Male came into my life and made it bright and interesting again. Now, I can enjoy sex every day and stay strong and confident.

Justin, 57: I met the first signs of aging with disbelief. How could it happen to me? I was depressed and my marriage was almost destroyed. Thus, Prime Male saved me and brought back my youth. Now, I feel enough energy and a strong libido again.

Harry, 43: I started to use Prime Male not so long ago but I already feel the difference. Without side effects, it gives me strength for both work and mind-blowing sex. No more exhaustion and depression!

#4. Testo Fuel: Boosting Testosterone And Enhancing Performance

What is Testo Fuel

Testo FuelThis one is the top testosterone booster for athletes and those men who wish to get better results in the gym. The problem is that already after 30 it may become challenging to grow muscles. One may exercise as usual and keep a healthy diet. However, the results may stay poor.

This is the signal of lowering testosterone. This hormone is crucial for the building muscles and is involved in the regulation of their strength and endurance. Moreover, its decomposition creates more estrogen in the body. They influence fat accumulation in thestomach, chest, hips and thighs. Altogether, such hormonal misbalance changes the appearance and exercises only cannot improve the situation.

For this purpose, Testo Fuel was created. The unique mix of its ingredients does everything required to restore the balance of hormones and help the body to get in shape.

Testo Fuel Ingredients

Among the components, there are such common compounds as D-aspartic acid, vitamins D, B and K, magnesium and zinc.

As for the special points, we should mention oyster extract. It is also rich in zinc that is crucial for testosterone production in the body. Furthermore, the developers enriched their composition with two plant extracts that are well-known and highly evaluated by traditional medicine.

These two extracts are Ginseng and Fenugreek. The first one is a powerful aphrodisiac that helps to brighten sexual life. As for the second, it is useful for men’s metabolism. This plant is still being investigated by scientists. However, Mediterranean cuisine has been utilizing it for a long time, especially for men.

Customer Reviews

Antony, 37: Recently, I started to worry about my poor results in the gym. Changes in diet and lifestyle do not help much and I thought about supplements. It was hard to select one but I’m totally satisfied with Testo Fuel. Due to it, I feel more strength and my muscles build faster.

Ron, 40: Testo Fuel is my personal top booster. Together with these pills, I feel much stronger and more active all day long. It does not take much time to see the results and there are no side effects. Just perfect!

Alex, 45: I have been using different supplements and changed them after a while. The only one that I don’t want to change is Testo Fuel. All the promises of the manufacturer become true and I feel the difference!

#5. TestRx: For Muscle Development, Power, And Shedding Weight

What is TestRx

TestRxThose who are looking for the best over the counter testosterone booster often choose TestRx as a powerful option for making better both their athletic performance and sexual drive.

Here the developers created a formula that is backed by science and combined the ingredients with proven effectiveness. The body decreases testosterone levels both due to the aging process and because of a lack of some nutrients. Therefore, when we want to boost it, we need to replenish all the vitamins and microelements that are absent for some reason.

This approach allows influencing metabolism as a whole and helps the body to work coherently, get more energy and motivation. Thus, with this product one can grow muscles easily, lose fat, feela sex drive and great mood every day.

TestRx Ingredients

The powerful core of this booster is represented by vitamin B6, magnesium aspartate and zinc aspartate. Modern scientific investigations have proven the importance of these compounds in testosterone production and muscle building. When the body lacks them, a man starts to feel tired, less motivated and less energetic.

Therefore, such a powerful combination pushes the body toward the restoration of hormonal balance. This, in turn, leads to better athletic performance as well as higher libido, more confidence and activity in everyday life.

In addition, to make the composition even more useful the developers added vitamins D and K that are necessary for the muscular and skeletal systems. Among plants, they have chosen Fenugreek extract which has proved itself a great helper for men of any age.

Customer Reviews

Moriz, 56: Due to some health issues, it was hard to select a supplement for me. I consulted many specialists and learn a lot before making a choice. In my opinion, I was lucky to find TestRx that boosts my body mildly but effectively. After two months of regular intake, I feel more strength and desire to live a full life.

Clod, 39: Those who want to get in shape faster will definitely benefit from TestRx. That is my case and I’m totally satisfied with the results. No excess fat and strong muscles become a reality with these pills!

Arny, 42: I was very doubtful about boosters until I tried TestRx. Its composition is simple but powerful and it is very easy to use the pills. Now my results in the gym are almost perfect.

#6. Testodren: Testosterone Supplement For Men Above 40

What is Testodren

TestodrenTestodrenis considered the best testosterone booster for males over 40 who wish to perform better both in the gym and in their daily lives.

This unique formula claims to overcome the aging process efficiently and works in the following directions:

  • Makes muscles grow faster and gives them the required strength;
  • Helps to burn fat, especially in the belly earlier;
  • Removes the brain fog and brings energy to the whole body;
  • Activates sex drive and provides a perfect chance to have mind-blowing sex whenever you wish.

All these effects come gradually. Thus, one needs at least 12 weeks of regular intake to feel the difference. That may seem a bit long compared to other supplements. However, such a robust action just cannot happen in one day.

Testodren Ingredients

As for the composition, this product is also unique and usual. It contains only one patented ingredient that is known as Furosap. The detailed composition was created by the developers who do not reveal all their secrets to the public. However, we know that the main plant extract here is Fenugreek and this one is well-known among those who are interested in boosting products.

The developers claim that this unique compound influences the hormonal system and helps to push it toward the activity and production of male hormones. All the effects of the pills are based on this key action. That is also an answer to the question of why the effect does not come instantly. It takes time to change the work of the hormonal system.

Customer Reviews

Andrew, 46: With Testodren, it takes almost three months to feel the first effects. However, the difference was so huge I was surprised. Due to these pills, I feel young again, full of energy and desire to act. It was worth waiting for!

Dean, 57: Thanks to these miracle pills my life is still active and bright. I have been using them for a long time and I’msatisfied with the absence of side effects. I do not need to cycle this booster and it really boosts me!

Tim, 42: I was looking for a booster with a complex action that can activate my hormonal system. Testodren appeared to be a great solution. With only one capsule per day, I feel as good as ever!

#7. Provacyl: Perfect For Men Over 50

What is Provacyl

ProvacylPowerful testosterone booster pills with rich composition full of valuable nutrients areProvacyl. This product is absolutely unique and combines a wide set of ingredients aimed to solve all the problems that come with aging.

It influences not only testosterone levels but also human growth hormone levels (HGH). Both of them are crucial for men’s health, strength and manhood.

In addition, this product aims to improve the metabolism as a whole and provide the body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids. When the body gets all these building blocks, it can react correspondingly and become more active.

Provacyl Ingredients

The set of amino acids in this composition includes D-aspartic acid, arginine, glutamine, glycine, tyrosine, lysine and pyroglutamate. They are required for both muscle building and for proper brainwork.

Furthermore, the product contains dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). These two compounds are crucial for the brainwork and the balancing of the hormonal system.

In addition, there is a quite rich plant composition includingGinseng,MuiraPuama, Acai fruit, Longjack, Ginkgo Biloba and Swedish Flower Pollen. Not to mention vitamins and minerals that are also present.

Altogether, it’s probably one of the richest compositions on the market. Most of its components are backed by science and provide safe and reliable effects.

Customer Reviews

Thomas, 45: This is the best booster for me! It brings me activity and energy and my performance is great both throughout the day and at night. I truly recommend this composition to everyone who would like to stay a man.

Scott, 51: I didn’t believe that a supplement can help me and solve my problems before I started to use Provacyl. That is an absolute miracle and I wonder why I have been waiting for so long before starting its intake. Now I always feel powerful and active.

Ed, 55: It was hard to choose a booster for me, so I rely on the advice of my physician. Provacyl does not need a prescription, it is easy to use and it gives remarkably great effects. Not only my physical appearance is better now, but also my brainwork and sexual life. Cool!

Testosterone Boosters Alternatives

What other methods of improving hormonal balance do we have? Actually, the supplements were not the first one to solve this issue.

Anabolic steroids

Steroids are synthetic analogues of real hormones that are produced by the body. Thus, the logic of their introduction into practice was more than direct. If the body lacks some compounds, we can provide them from outside.

These medicines actually work well but after some period of their utilization different side effects appeared. For example, they may lead to hormonal misbalance and growth of the estrogen concentration that is revealed as enlarged breasts in men. They also cause water retention, skin problems, blood clots and may cause severe liver damage.

That is why one cannot use them for long periods. However, when you stop injections all the effect disappears very swiftly.
Moreover, for professional athletes such compounds are prohibited. Those men who have some diseases also cannot utilize them.


The second group of boosters were Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs. The scientists decided that if we cannot just give hormones to the body without harmful consequences, we could influence the receptors and push them in a similar manner.

The idea led to the creation of this group called SARMs. They have proven their efficiency. Still, they interact with the receptors in muscles and mainly influence their growth and strength. Therefore, athletes and bodybuilders appreciate them much but for other men, they are not so beneficial.

The condition of the hormonal system influences the whole body. Thus, while improving muscles, SARMs do not help other organs and systems. So, these boosters are very specific and serve only those who go to the gym and wish to getresults faster.


In a nutshell, the world of boosting supplements is big and fascinating. Here everyone can find something that will suit his needs, bring back manhood and stop the aging process. However, it is important to stay well-informed and understand the composition, its mechanism of action and other intricacies. It will help to achieve the desired results and stay an active and energetic man no matter how old you are.


Are testosterone booster supplements safe?

Yes, they all have natural ingredients and each composition is checked for safety. Moreover, they do not possess severe side effects and have no restrictions or limitations for usage. That is the reason why these products are considered a healthier alternative to steroids and other synthetic medicines.

How long does it typically take to see results?

On average, at least several weeks of regular intake are required. Sometimes, one or two months are needed. The results depend not only on the pills but also on the initial body condition. In any case, it is crucial to follow the recommendation on usage given by the manufacturer. Then, the effect will come.

Can I take it along with other medications or supplements?

No, it is not recommended to combine any supplements or medicines without a healthcare provider. If there are products that you have to take daily, it’s better to consult your physician on a possibility of such a combination.

How do I know if I have low testosterone levels?

If you are older than 40 and feel fatigued, irritability and less sex drive than before, these are the main signs. In addition, athletic performance and brainwork worsen. Altogether, the quality of life decreases and that is the reason to visit the doctor and do tests for hormonal balance.

Can women use it?

No, all these products are developed only for men and influence their hormonal system in a specific way. Therefore, there is no reason for women to experiment with them. These pills cannot solve any hormonal problems of women and may, on the contrary, cause some misbalance of hormones.

Do I need a prescription?

No, all these products come without a prescription. They are regulated differently than usual medicines because they do not contain any synthetic compounds. The natural formula allows use them almost without restrictions and limitations.

Will using testosterone booster supplements affect my fertility?

This depends on the composition. Most of such products make sexual life better, provide longer and stronger erections and give the body needed stamina and energy. However, only some of them influence the production of sperm and fertility. Therefore, you need to carefully read the details of the composition and the effects that it provides.

Is it necessary to cycle on and off?

In most cases, cycling is not necessary. Regular intake of these products is not associated with any harmful side effects or long-term problems. That is why one can take them as long as he needs. Anyway, follow the recommendations of the manufacturer on the intake to get the best results.

Does onion boost testosterone?

Several scientific investigations have proven the ability of onion to boost testosterone levels and enhance sex drive. Scientists have even found the compounds responsible for these effects. That is why some developers are including these plant extracts in their compositions to make them even more effective.