Shuksan Healthcare Center welcomes you! When you enter through our front door, you will hear birds chirping and residents and staff conversing. You will often smell fresh bread baking. You will see residents walking and wheeling about the facility.

Many days you will be greeted at the door by Prince, our black lab, who will undoubtedly like a pat on the back before you proceed. Pancake breakfasts, theme meals, and daily meals are times friends and families can enjoy togetherwhile here.

Our hallways, Forest Lane, Mariner Village, and Artist Lane, are each decorated in their own unique way as a reflection of their names. We are proud to be a small building with a maximum capacity of 52 residents. Our small size allows our staff to get to know our residents and families personally. Family members are welcome and encouraged to continue to be a part of their loved ones lives while they stay here. We welcome and invite you to come see our home!