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According to current statistics, men over 40 experience a drop in testosterone levels. One may say that it is a normal part of the aging process. However, do we have only to put up with this fact and all the consequences that come along? Will there be no active sexual life, no strong erections, no athletic performance and a lack of energy every day?

This is the future for those who prefer to do nothing. For others, there is the prime male testosterone booster and all its benefits.

What is Prime Male?

This product was developed especially for men who experience the bad sides of the aging process. The main aim is to boost the body toward testosterone production and normalization of hormonal balance.

Of course, time is required to achieve this effect but then it is quite stable. In addition, this composition is completely natural and is not related to side effects that are known for synthetic medicines.

Prime Male Benefits

Why do men select this product among other similar options? Let’s discover the main advantages.

Enhanced energy and stamina

When the hormonal system of a man is balanced, he feels active and energetic. That is exactly the characteristic of youth. The supplement will give you back incredible feelings.

Improved muscle growth and strength

Some components contribute to the state of the skeletal and muscular systems. Thus, if you combine the intake of the product with regular exercising the effect will be more than great. Muscle lean mass will grow together with their strength.

Increased libido and sexual performance

The more testosterone you have, the higher your sexual activity. Therefore, your appetites and fantasies will grow as well as your abilities to make them a reality.

Better mood and mental clarity

It may be surprising, but testosterone is also related to your mental performance. Thus, the supplement will help you not only in the bedroom but also at work.

Anti-aging effects and overall health improvement

Your body will definitely be grateful for boosting testosterone levels. This hormone is crucial for the overall performance and health condition of men. Thus, when its quantity is normalized other metabolic processes will go more smoothly.

Prime Male Customer Reviews

If you ask yourself does prime male work, make yourself sure with prime male reviews:

Dave, 49: Previously, I had a bad experience with steroids and thought that there is no other option to perform my sexual life. Luckily enough, my friend advised me to try Prime Male and that was real magic. Now, I feel young and energetic again not to mention mind-blowing sex.

Alex, 37: Lately, I started to feel more exhausted than usual. When the doctor told me that it is because of lower testosterone, I asked for a decision. The one that is really effective and gives me no side effects is Prime Male.

George, 56: Prime Male is a real miracle for me! It works and greatly improves my life!

How does Prime Male work?

All these great effects become a reality due to the sophisticated mechanism of action that combines three directions, namely:

  1. The composition enhances the production of luteinizing hormone that in its turn activates the testes to synthesize more testosterone. This indirect action is truly natural.
  2. Further on, there are special proteins that can bind testosterone and inactivate it. These pills contain compounds that prevent this process.
  3. Some components help to regulate estrogen levels and prevent them from growing.

Altogether, this leads to the balancing of the hormonal system and an overall improvement in men’s health.

Prime Male Pros and Cons

What about the most common pros and cons? Here is the most important to be aware of.


The product has a comprehensive formula with many clinically backed ingredients and no side effects. You can learn their quantity also. All the data is transparent and available for everyone interested.

Furthermore, there are no age restrictions or limitations. Everyone can purchase it without a prescription. Numerous positive customer reviews also add value to the product and distinguish it from competitors that are presented on the market.


There is probably one major drawback but it is common for all similar products. It does not give instant results and requires patience and accuracy in intake. In addition, it is not recommended for vegans and vegetarians.

Prime Male Ingredients

The secret of the efficiency of the supplement lies in its unique composition. Here the developers united 12 natural ingredients and most of them are backed by science. Therefore, together they are able to push the body of a man toward real manhood.

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate

There were several scientific investigations of this compound on both humans and animals. They have partly proven the boost of testosterone levels but more trials will be conducted. Still, sperm health definitely improves under its influence.


Black pepper is added to the composition to increase the absorption of other ingredients. This action is proven and well-known for this plant extract. Moreover, recent animal studies revealed the boosting influence of the compound on the hormonal system of males.


This microelement is more than useful for increasing free testosterone concentration in the blood. The thing is that aging leads to the production of proteins that bind hormones and prevent them from activating the body. Boron helps to regulate their level and make male hormones free. This action is backed by science.

Korean Red Ginseng

This powerful plant extract was also investigated by scientists and showed promising activating effects. It influences the reproductive system of a man as a whole, enhances libido and contributes to longer and stronger erections. Sperm health was also improved. Under the trial, these effects became obvious after 12 weeks of regular intake of the herb.


Another natural component is luteolin that is found in many plants and vegetables. It was originally studied for the treatment of cancer-related to high estrogen levels. Still, the same action is valuable for men who experience hormonal misbalance. Thus, this compound significantly reduces free estrogen levels and boosts testosterone synthesis.


This element participates in many metabolic processes and is especially important for the muscular system. Clinical studies prove that the aging process leads to its deficiency. In addition, it is linked to men’s health and overall performance. Therefore, in this composition, it serves as a base for the improvement of athletic performance.

Ashwagandha Root Extract

This traditional herbal extract has been intensely studied since 2015. Several clinical trials revealed the growth of testosterone levels as well as the gaining of muscles and stress reduction compared to the control group. For now, the plant is still being investigated but its potential is more than clear.

Nettle Root

As for the nettle roots, they are a well-known source of useful amino acids, vitamins and nutrients. There is evidence of the possibility of binding to SBGH and freeing testosterone. However, this plant is not widely utilized with similar aims. Still, the developers had their reasons to add it to the composition.

Vitamin B6

For now, there are controversial results of scientific investigations on this vitamin and its relation to testosterone levels. However, it is still crucial for metabolic processes and is required for better athletic performance.

Vitamin D3

Some investigations prove the connection between this vitamin and testosterone levels. Those who received it revealed higher concentrations that the placebo group. In addition, this compound is also vital for the muscular and skeletal systems.

Vitamin K2

This vitamin is well-known for its influence on the reproductive systems of both men and women. Moreover, several animal studies confirmed that it contributes to the growth of free testosterone. Thus, men will definitely benefit from it.


The amount of zinc that is required for the body daily is between 10 and 30 mg. It is proven that men over 40 years often experience its deficiency even in the case of a balanced diet. This leads to a drop in testosterone and subsequent problems. Therefore, many supplements contain this ingredient and Prime Male is not an exception.

How to Use Prime Male

As far as we can conclude this is a real miracle pill. However, it requires some attention and patience. If you follow the recommendation of the manufacturer, the effect was as promised.

Recommended dosage

Every day one should take four capsules. It is important to distribute them throughout the day and combine them with the meal you take. A capsule can be taken with water.

When to expect results

At least several weeks are needed to observe some changes. The stable effect will be visible in two months. Still, there are no limitations on intake and no need to cycle this product.

Tips for maximizing the benefits

If you would like to achieve maximum efficiency, then follow the next advice:

  • utilize only recommended dosage and take capsules regularly;
  • switch to a healthy diet;
  • improve the quality and quantity of sleep;
  • add regular exercising to your daily routine;
  • minimize stress in your life with mindfulness and meditation or other practices.

In addition, it is important to quit bad habits such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol. All these lifestyle changes will have a general positive impact on your body and will help the supplement in boosting your hormonal system.

Possible side effects

There are almost no common side effects for this natural composition. Sometimes users experience headaches or digestive issues but this happens rarely. In addition, it is important to check whether you are allergic to some of the components. Thus, carefully read the composition and follow your feelings during the first weeks of intake.

Furthermore, Ashwagandhaextract is not recommended for men with thyroid disorders. Those who have them should consult a doctor before taking the supplement.

If you regularly take other medications or supplements, also consult a specialist on the possibility of such a combination.

Prime Male Alternative

Some similar products on the market may attract your attention. For instance, TestoPrime is another natural booster with a similar composition. It also contains D-aspartic acid (in a larger dose), Ashwagandha extract, vitamins D and B6, zinc and black pepper extract.

However, it differs a bit due to the presence of Panax ginseng extract, fenugreek, green tea, pomegranate, garlic and vitamin B5. Thus, its action is directed more toward libido improvement and has other mechanisms.
Therefore, we cannot say that both supplements give identical results. In addition, they depend on the initial state of the hormonal system.

Does Prime Male really work?

This product is not only natural and backed by science but also has numerous positive reviews. The users describe the action of these pills as a miracle and it is truly so.

One needs time to see the difference and feel the powerful boost. Still, this life-changing reality makes the aging process not an inevitable part of men’s lives.Instead, it gives a healthy alternative and many years of active bright life.


We can conclude that the developers did their best to provide men all over the world with an effective and powerful boosting product. They do not hide the composition and everyone can learn all the details of its action. The effect will not come immediately but it will change your life for the better.


Is Prime Male Safe?

Yes, this natural composition was tested and proved both its efficiency and safety.

Is Prime Male suitable for all ages?

There are no age limits and restrictions for this product. Generally, it is recommended for men over 40 years old because aging changes most often appear at this time.

Can women use Prime Male?

There is no reason for women to do this. This composition was developedespecially for men and their needs.

How long does a bottle of Prime Male last?

The standard bottle contains 120 capsules so it will be enough for 30 days.

Does Prime Male interact with medications or have contraindications?

Different interactions are possible so it is better to consult a doctor if you regularly take other medicines.

Is Prime Male steroid?

No, this is a truly natural composition made of herbal extracts and useful nutrients.