Rehabilitative Services
Enter the therapy gym at Shuksan and you will immediately notice that we are different. Our in-house, physical, occupational and speech therapists are encouraged to think outside the box while providing quality rehabilitation care.

We take the time to get to know you as a unique individual and develop a personalized treatment approach. In addition to traditional therapy techniques, we try to find ways to incorporate your personality and learning style. Along with using weights, you might find yourself throwing the ball for Prince, our resident dog; picking flowers in the courtyard; or practicing your putting stroke.

Because we are privately owned, we are not constrained by corporate guidelines which dictate the time, type or amount of therapy you will be provided. We have the flexibility to support your recovery whether it is accompanying you to a doctor’s appointment, training family members to assist you into the car for outings, or conducting a home safety assessment. We hope that you will find that our care, while professional and expert, is dictated by YOU – the person.

Physical Therapy:

Our physical therapists focus on maximizing our residents’ function after injury, illness or surgery with a goal to improve strength, balance, coordination or adaptation to one’s environment. Safety is our number one priority when implementing any kind of therapy plan.

Occupational Therapy:

Our occupational therapists are here to support our residents in performing activities that will help them be successful at home. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, dressing or performing self-cares, our residents are guided toward maximum self-sufficiency.

Speech Therapy:

Our speech therapists focus on communication and swallowing impairments. Our speech therapists are equipped to design a program catered to meet individualized needs allowing the highest possible level of function.

Respiratory Therapy:

Shuksan also has respiratory therapists as needed to help residents develop good breathing techniques to help residents regain independence, but can also consulted on what equipment will best help residents meet their goals.

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