Jim Roe Owner I am a resident of Anacortes with my 2 children and active within the community as well as with health care organizations within the state. I knew I had a passion for caring for our elders when my Grandfather moved in with my Mom, Dad, and I after having a stroke, while I was in college. Now my Mom lives with Kirby, Kay and I, thirty years later. My family and I have a tradition of being graduates of University of Washington. I am an avid Husky football and Mariner fan. Not just my family, but all of our elders deserve a life worth living, and that’s our promise at all four of my homes.

Kristina Dietary ManagerI started working at Shuksan 5 years ago as a part time evening dishwasher. About a month into that position, there was an opening as cook and it offered full time hours. I had no experience and was nervous but I had a ton of support from my manager and co-workers and I flourished. I was a cook for about 4 years until the manager position came available. Again I was nervous but I accepted the position with the full support of our administrator Shannon and the crew in the kitchen. Shuksan has provided opportunities that I never thought I would get and creates an environment where I can really by myself. That’s what I love most about Shuksan.

Shannon Administrator Hi I’m Shannon the Administrator at Shuksan.I’ve been here for four years and am grateful every day for the wonderful atmosphere and Shuksan offers. I’m very proud of the staff at Shuksan and the amazing work, love and compassion that they bring to our residents, the families, and each other.I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 10 years. I have 5 year old twins, Emma and Brayden, who you will see running around from time to time, playing with Prince, loving on residents, or causing mischief.

Pamela Business Office ManagerHi, I’m Pamela Sherron.I’ve worked for Shuksan Healthcare for 17 years as the Business Office Manager. I’m been married for 25 years and have 2 kids, a son who is 18 and a daughter who is 14.I enjoy the daily challenges and flexibility of this job as well as learning the ever changing job duties, information and knowledge that it requires. I also enjoy meeting all the new residents and families that come into the facility and explaining to them about their insurance benefits and assisting them with answers to any questions they may have.

Marilyn Activity DirectorMy name is Marilyn Hunter; I have worked as the Activity Director at Shuksan Healthcare Center for a little under a year. I immigrated to the USA in 2001 from British Columbia. I have lived in Bellingham for about six years. I have worked for over 30 years doing recreational therapy with older generations, this has given me a wealth of education and experience but I have found that there is always something new to learn and this keeps my job exciting.I have two grown children who also live in Bellingham. We enjoy spending time together hiking and sightseeing the beautiful Northwest. Shuksan Healthcare Center has provided a fun and loving atmosphere to work in and has made doing what I do very fulfilling.

Kim Medical Records DirectorHi my name is Kim.I’m the Medical Records Director and keeper of the cats.I’ve worked at Shuksan for 17 years and can’t imagine working anywhere else. The positive energy and friendly, supportive co-workers are what keep me here… as well as the animals. Where else can you share an office space with a cat who assumes he is the office manager and lets you know what it’s “break time”?I have been working in long term care since 1973 and while my career has changed with time, my love for the elderly never will. These wonderful folks have so much wisdom and stories to tell. When I started, I felt like I was working in a home full of grandparents and now it feels like I work in a home full of peers.

Jen Physical TherapistJen Bauer has been the lead Physical Therapist at Shuksan since 2009.She has been a Physical Therapist for 13 years and has specialized in geriatric rehabilitation for the past 10 years.Jen appreciates everything that sets Shuksan apart from other rehab facilities, and will be a fixture in the therapy department for many years to come.Jen has a great sense of humor, and can often be found singing in the halls, much to the delight or dismay of her patients and coworkers.She enjoys working with a team that encourages “thinking outside the box” and allows the freedom to provide truly individualized patient care. Her devotion to Shuksan runs so deep that she bought a house 2 blocks away.


Dale Rehabilitation ManagerHi I’m Dale Nakatani. I’ve been the Rehabilitation Manager at Shuksan for the past 5 years. I have worked as a Physical Therapist Assistance for the past 20 years. My favorite part about working at Shuksan is that we focus on patient care and treat our residents like a member of the Shuksan family. When I’m not at work; I enjoy spending time with my wife of 34 years and our dogs Primo and Brindle. I also enjoy bowling and I’ve actually gotten a perfect 300!!


Ashley Community Relations DirectorHi I’m Ashley. I have worked at Shuksan as the Social Services Director and have stepped  into the position of Community Relations Director. I have always had a passion for working with seniors and started when I was 16 working as a Dietary Aide. In the last 11 years, I have worked as an Activities Director, Admissions Coordinator, Social Services Director and Assistant Administrator. While I can wear many hats, they all revolve around the same thing- providing my residents with the best loving atmosphere possible.I love working at Shuksan for many reasons but mostly because this is the first place that I have worked that actually puts the residents first. Money comes second and that is rare in this industry.When I’m not at Shuksan, I can be found spending time with my husband Elliot and our 6 year old daughter Madeleine as well as staying active with Zumba and Everybody’s Gym here in Bellingham.Listen to Ashley’s radio interview regarding Shuksan Healthcare…Audio Player


Leila Occupational TherapistThe lead Occupational Therapist at Shuksan Healthcare Center is Leila Anderson. Her 24 years of experience as a geriatric specialist have provided her with a unique perspective that suits the eclectic style of care that Shuksan has become known for. While each member of the therapy team brings their own talents, Leila’s ingenuity and common sense approach to care has saved the day more than once! After raising her three children on her own, Leila is entering an exciting new chapter in her life. She’ll be making a hole in one sometime soon on the golf course near you!