Barbara Moore

I had fallen at home and ended up at St Joseph Hospital. The physician told me that I needed some rehabilitation prior to going home. At the time, I was relieved and happy to go to rehab so I could regain my strength and get back to my normal self. I ended up choosing Shuksan Healthcare because it was close to my family and I had heard good things. I am so glad that I did! The nurses were excellent during my stay.

They were all knowledgeable and helpful which I was expecting. I was not expecting how kind and genuinely friendly they were. They would walk into my room and would absolutely light up my day. I felt that the therapy was top notch. They took the time to explain what was going on inside my body and how I was building strength. The whole team never let me get off easy but also knew my limits so I always felt safe. They believed in me which made me believe in myself. I had an overall feeling of being comfortable and cared for during my stay at Shuksan. It sincerely felt good to be there.

I would recommend Shuksan to anyone in the community looking for a place for rehabilitation after being in the hospital. ~ Barbara Moore

Bob and Barbara Anderson

Hi! I’m Barbara Anderson and this is my husband Bob. We have both been to Shuksan Healthcare at different times after recovering from surgery at St Joseph Hospital. I had surgery on both of my knees and Bob has had back surgery and knee surgery as well. As you can imagine, Bob and I both were not excited at the prospect of going to a nursing home for rehabilitation after being in the hospital.

Naturally, we wanted to return home but it was evident that was not going to be an option. We ended up choosing Shuksan Healthcare and we are so happy that we did. We both love the animals at Shuksan. It really makes the place feel like a home. I know that our great grandchildren especially appreciated it when they would come to visit. Bob and I both have really grown to love the therapy team at Shuksan.

We always felt very comfortable and like we were with the right professionals who knew what exercises we needed to meet our goal of returning home. Bob also loved the food, maybe even more than my own cooking! He says even the oatmeal is good. We both looked forward to getting our fresh baked bread delivered daily by Nancy in activities. Bob and I are very active at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church and we have recommended Shuksan to everyone there, but we want recommend Shuksan Healthcare to anyone in the community in need of rehabilitation after a surgery or hospitalization.

~ Bob and Barbara Anderson

Chuck Kenney

When I heard that I needed to go to a nursing home for a short stay, I was not excited to say the least. I spoke with my wife and we had a list of places to go and we ended picking Shuksan Healthcare Center and I am so glad that we did. The first thing that stood out for me when I came to Shuksan was their sense of humor! The jokes that were exchanged between myself, the nurses and therapists were the highlight of my day and they were always one step ahead of me!

I have suffered from PTSD and I was worried that my stay at Shuksan might aggravate some of my symptoms. I always want everything in a certain order and I like to have a sense of control to help with my PTSD. The staff at Shuksan was so accommodating and helpful. I found myself to be jovial during my stay which was an unexpected bonus. The nursing staff was always on top of their game. My medications were on time and I felt like I was in good competent hands. What mattered most is the nurses are always smiling. I found the therapy team to be superb as well. My therapy sessions were challenging and fun. I was able to exceed their expectations but not before they showed me a thing or two to improve my day to day activities.

I also loved having the animals around. I would wake up in the morning and Faux (their orange kitty) would be sleeping on my windowsill. The simple life pleasure of having a cat around made more of a difference than I would have anticipated. When it came time to go home, I found myself not wanting to leave. I really had mixed emotions about it. I felt as though I was leaving family. I would recommend Shuksan to anyone in need of care after being in the hospital. In fact, now that I’m home, I joked with my wife asking how I could hurt myself to go back to Shuksan.

I suppose I’ll just have to settle for being a visitor. ~ Chuck Kenney

Dean Franzen

When I was in the hospital, I had a lot of unanswered questions about my health and what I needed to do to get better. The staff at the hospital just told me that I needed a rehabilitation stay at a skilled nursing facility before I could go home.

I knew that I needed help but I had never been in a place like that before and I also was worried that I was too young to be there. I ended up going to Shuksan Healthcare and I am so glad that I did. The staff at Shuksan saw that I was not only worried about my health but also worried about being there in general and they were so attentive and put me at ease. The nurses are always approachable and happy to answer any question that I might have had. I feel like they are not just staff but my friends now as well. I also want to particularly thank Jen Bauer, the Physical Therapist at Shuksan.

I thank God daily for her ability to not only help me physically but her genuine capability to make me laugh. That was really healing for my soul. I am now back in the community and living in my own apartment and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be here without the team at Shuksan’s help. I would recommend Shuksan Healthcare to anyone in need of a helping hand in healthcare.

They have changed my life for the better and I know they can help you too! ~ Dean Franzen

George Barnhart

When I was getting ready to go to a Skilled Nursing Facility, I had some concerns. I was worried if I was going to get the care that I needed, and frankly, scared of the title of “Nursing Home” as a previous stay of mine was not very pleasant at a different nursing facility here in town. While working with the nursing team at Shuksan, I felt they were professional, caring and compassionate.

On a scale of 1 to 10, they scored a 15+. The therapy team was very well equipped to meet all my needs and even gave me extra instructions to remain successful at home. I felt very confident while working with them that they knew what exercises were needed to meet my goals of returning home. Shuksan is the cleanest and happiest care facility that I have seen. The entire staff is professional yet approachable and I would recommend Shuksan to anyone who is looking for a place to rehabilitate after surgery.

I left feeling like I had not only met my goals but made some friends along the way. ~George Barnhart

Jerry Hopson

I recently had knee surgery and was sent to Shuksan Healthcare Center for rehabilitation. I could not have been more pleased with my stay. 

My nurses were kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. The therapy team was fun to work with and obviously, experts in what needed to get done. I happened to discharge on my birthday and the staff even bought me an ice cream cake (they knew it was my favorite). That is just one example of the many things the team at Shuksan does to go above and beyond for their residents.

I can’t even think of anything that needed improvement. I enjoyed my stay so much that I even come back to visit regularly.

I tell everyone I know, if they need rehab to be sure to go to Shuksan. ~ Jerry Hopson

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