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Muira Puama is widely known in Brazil as a potency wood. Like many other plants, it has been widely used for centuries by native people and successfully treated numerous health conditions. Modern science has only started to investigate its properties and a few pieces of research were conducted mainly on mice.

Still, it’s worth evaluating the obtained results and discussing the effects this plant possesses.

What is Muira Puama

This plant is a small tree native to Amazon rainforests. Its root and bark are full of active ingredients that include polyphenols, terpenoids and alkaloids. Native people were fond of it as a remedy that boosts the activity of the body, especially improving sexual and cognitive functions.

Health Benefits of Muira Puama

For now, several investigations have been conducted on mice and have proven the ability of this plant to improve sexual and cognitive health, as well as some other issues. Still, while discussing the results, we are waiting for the clinical trials on humans.

Sexual Health and Libido Enhancement

Let’s see what exactly Muira Puama does to make sexual life more bright and satisfactory.

Aphrodisiac Effects

This plant was called a potency wood not accidentally. It is known to increase libido in both men and women together with providing more satisfactory intercourse.

Improved Erectile Function in Men

The components of this plant provide the body of men with the building blocks necessary for creating sex hormones, for instance, testosterone. In addition, they enhance the blood flow and help to provide more blood to the penis, which in turn brings a longer and stronger erection.

Enhanced Sexual Desire in Women

Women experience an increase in their sexual desire and interest in the topic together with more intense feelings during intercourse and bright orgasms.

Cognitive Function

This plant has a potent action on the central nervous system that is comparable to modern antidepressants and medicines that treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Potential as an adaptogen

This vector of activity is associated with increased immunity and higher levels of energy production. Thus, the body becomes stronger and can better defend itself from the numerous aggressive environmental factors.


The root enhances memory due to the inhibition of the enzyme called acetylcholinesterase. The latter breaks down acetylcholine, which is linked to the cognitive functioning. The more acetylcholine is left in the brain, the better its work will be.

Stress and anxiety reduction

One more positive effect is calming action. As the plant normalizes the concentration of different valuable molecules inside the brain, it starts to function more smoothly.

Energy and Stamina Boost

Energy boosting and activation of the whole body are also observed as a result of the regular Muira Puama’s intake.

Physical energy levels

While the plant improves the blood flow, all the cells get more oxygen and start to produce larger quantities of energy. This feels like a higher activity level.

Athletic performance enhancement

Muscles also work better when they get enough oxygen and other nutrients with the blood flow. They also start to grow more rapidly.

Joint Health and Pain Management

Due to its unique composition, Muira Puama alleviates pain and contributes to the health of the skeletal system.

Anti-inflammatory properties

The extract of this plant has mild anti-inflammatory activity and reduces the inflammation processes that may be present in the body.

Use in alleviating joint pain

The pain in joints, which is often associated with inflammation, also reduces after the regular intake of the extract. It positively influences the condition of the muscular and skeletal system and alleviates the problems associated with the aging process.

Digestive Health

Muira Puama improves the work of the digestive system, helps the body to absorb all valuable nutrients from the food and positively influences all the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. It is not harmful to the liver compared to synthetic medicines and ruins free radicals that are dangerous for liver cells and other tissues and organs.

Skin and Hair Health

At last, the rich natural composition of this herb is great for improving skin and hair condition.

Effects on skin vitality

Increased blood flow to the skin is as good as it is for the internal organs. It provides skin with essential nutrients and antioxidants to destroy free radicals that are responsible for the occurrence of the aging process.

Impact on hair strength and growth

While hair follicles get more oxygen and nutrients, they also start to grow more rapidly and the hair itself becomes stronger and more shiny.

Muira Puama Available forms

On the market, Muira Puama is available as a powder, tinctures and capsules. It can be also a component of complex supplements.
In addition, it is possible to purchase root or bark and prepare homemade tea.

How to Take Muira Puama

On average, one can take from 4000 to 6000 mg of a basic extract or from 1000 to 1500 mg of a concentrated extract (4:1).
While consulting a doctor, he can recalculate the exact dosage according to the individual’s body weight.

Potential Side Effects

The scientific evidence on possible side effects is absent due to the lack of clinical trials on humans. Customers sometimes report headaches and mild gastrointestinal disorders. However, they are quite rare, and no toxic effects were revealed during the tests on mice.

Does Muira Puama Really Work?

Yes, this plant is more than beneficial for health. Even if the details of its action are still under investigation, everyone can take advantage of it and strengthen the body and mind.

Customer Reviews

Hanna, 53: I’ve been taking Muira Puama extract for a month and I observed a bunch of positive effects. The pain has gone and I feel stronger and more energetic.

David, 48: With Muira Puama capsules I started to have more satisfactory and longer sex. In addition, it improves my mood and makes me more active not only in the bedroom but also in everyday life.

Jack, 55: I was recommended to try this plant as an additional remedy for erectile dysfunction treatment. It works well and does not bring any unpleasant side effects like it happens with other medicines.


To conclude, Muira Puama has a rich and potent history of utilization in folk medicine. While modern scientists are researching the reasons and mechanisms of its activity, we can benefit from its roots and bark even today. This plant is associated with numerous positive effects on overall health and improves the work of many organs and systems of both men and women.


Is muira puama good for health?

Yes, this plant serves as a powerful adaptogen and aphrodisiac, it improves brain functioning, digestive system work and boosts the whole body.

Does muira puama raise blood pressure?

No, it can only decrease blood pressure a bit due to the stimulation of blood flow.

How much muira puama should I take?

The average recommended dosage is from 4000 to 6000 mg of a basic extract or from 1000 to 1500 mg of a concentrated extract (4:1).

How long does muira puama take to work?

One should take it regularly for several weeks and sometimes even months to feel the changes in the body. So it is not associated with immediate effects.

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