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Among various vitamins that help to maintain health and balance in the body, vitamin B7 or biotin performs one of the widest range of useful functions. It participates in numerous metabolic processes. Moreover, it was studied as a testosterone booster.

What is Biotin

Biotin is another name for vitamin B7, one of the water-soluble group B vitamins. Adults require it in amounts from 30 to 100 mcg per day as it participates in almost all metabolic processes and helps the body to get the energy from food and then spend it on other activities.

Its deficiency occurs quite rarely due to the presence of the vitamin in many products. Still, some dietary restrictions, diseases, intake of medicines and other conditions may lead to its deficiency and subsequent disturbance of health conditions.

What is Testosterone

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men. Still, women also require its small concentration for their hormonal balance. It boosts sexual desire and activity in both sexes, as well as overall activity and energy levels.

For men, this compound is crucial for the development of the reproductive system during puberty. Then, it participates in:

  • regulation of the sexual activity;
  • increase of bone and muscle mass;
  • storage of fat in the body;
  • formation of red blood cells;
  • maintenance of physical and mental health.

Due to the aging process, testosterone levels are gradually decreasing in men after 45 years old. This leads to many unpleasant consequences such as lower libido, erectile dysfunction, feelings of depression, etc. The deficiency of vitamins makes this process even worse.

Does Biotin Actually Increase Testosterone?

There are only a few studies related to this question. Both of them have found some correlation between the levels of biotin and testosterone. The latest one revealed the influence of this vitamin on the testes that produce this hormone.

However, more scientific evidence is required to be completely sure of the link between these two compounds and the mechanism of action.

Biotin Health Benefits

While the connection between biotin and sexual health is currently under investigation, its other health benefits are well-known and include the following.


This vitamin participates in the metabolism of fats and provides fatty acids required for skin health. In addition, it regulates the functioning of oil glands contributing to healthier and prettier skin.


This vitamin activates the production of keratin in hair and also enhances follicle growth. This makes hair strong and shiny. In addition, due to biotin, one can prevent such problems as hair loss, itchiness of the skin on the head and more.


Weak nails that suffer from vitamin deficiency will be grateful for the supply of biotin. It helps to make them strong and healthy.

Biotin Sources

The next logical question is from which sources should one get a proper amount of biotin to stay healthy and active? There are several useful answers.


If you are looking for the most boosting source of this compound, then select the corresponding supplement. There are both single-component and mixed options. Thus, it is quite popular to take the whole set of vitamins of group B, as they all are more than important for health.


Among food products, one of the first positions is occupied by the liver. Actually, all types of meat are rich in group B vitamins. For instance, 75 grams of cooked beef liver contains nearly 31 mcg of biotin that is a minimum daily level required for a balanced body condition.

Nuts and Seeds

Vegans and vegetarians could look for biotin sources among nuts and seeds, such as almonds, peanuts, and sunflower seeds. However, quantities in this case are much lower. Thus, a quarter-cup of almonds provides only 1.5 mcg, while the same amount of sunflower seeds gives 2.6 mcg of this vitamin.


The next option is cereals purposefully enriched with biotin. This product is quite common and can be easily found in supermarkets due to the special labeling. Again, the portion will not provide the daily dosage but may serve well in combination with other natural sources or supplements.

Nutritional Yeast

This product is also rich in biotin, namely, two tablespoons contain up to 21 mcg. They are often utilized as a cheese substitute in vegan diets. Thus, vegans have quite a wide range of biotin sources to avoid deficiency and subsequent health problems.


In a nutshell, biotin belongs to the compounds that are useful and valuable for both men and women. Every person requires 30 to 100 mcg of it daily as it participates in numerous vital processes. Several scientific investigations suggested that this vitamin may serve as a testosterone booster, so it is even more beneficial for men who are going to combat the aging process.


Does biotin increase testosterone in men?

There is scarce scientific evidence on the possibility of such an effect. Investigations are still in progress.

Is biotin a testosterone blocker?

No, on the contrary, this vitamin stimulates the testes to produce more male hormones.

Does biotin affect hormone levels?

Yes, there was research that revealed the ability of this vitamin to stimulate testosterone production.

What does biotin do for men?

This compound may push the body toward higher testosterone production and it also improves overall health and regulates metabolism.

Does biotin lower testosterone?

No, there is no such effect observed for biotin. This compound can boost the production of male hormones.

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