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Women have to adjust to many changes with age. Their muscle tone decreases, hair turns gray, and the hormonal balance becomes more unpredictable. Most such changes affect women’s physical and mental health while also resulting in occasional moodiness, insomnia, hot flashes, and other rather new physical symptoms. However, perhaps, the lack of sexual drive may serve as one of the most unpredictable and unsettling changes of all.

Indeed, with years, women’s libido also starts going through noticeable changes. Usually, women’s bodies stop producing as much estrogen and testosterone, which are also called sex hormones. It’s a pretty common and natural pattern, unfortunately. The brain stops focusing on desire and sexual drive, even though it can be very much present in one’s thoughts.

Such a divide between what women’s bodies feel and what women want can be confusing, if not upsetting. It is as age takes away the simple but meaningful joys of life. On top of that, there is a significant lack of communication and acknowledgment of women’s sex drive as such, including its decrease over the years.

However, women don’t have to go through unnecessary suffering and stress. They can find medical and natural support to increase their sexual drive. The female libido supplement is a real and effective help in such cases. However, to find a reliable female viagra over the counter one should learn more about the causes of libido decrease and additional ways to balance it out naturally. So, these are the explanations behind how female libido decreases and how to fight.

Female Libido Decrease

Women’s sexuality is a complex process. It depends on a range of factors that have to align perfectly to boost female sexual drive. The same applies to explaining female libido decrease. With age, women go through many hormonal and mental changes that affect many spheres of their lives, including personal and sexual. Social environment and cultural perception of sex also take play in forming and changing the female sex drive.

Plus, the loss of the sexual drive can vary from individual to individual, meaning that all women experience it differently. Thus, there isn’t a simple answer to explain such a process for everyone. Lastly, the libido decrease may also depend on the women’s sex life, considering how big of a role it played throughout her life. However, there is a group of common factors that, to some extent, takes place in all women’s lives. Let’s analyze such causes and symptoms.


Women can experience a variety of causes that can reduce their sex drive, and affect their self-image and personal relationships. One can struggle with several causes at once, as they tend to deeply interconnect.


One of the most common causes of female libido loss is age. Indeed, aging starts various physical and hormonal processes that affect one’s sex drive. It’s common to experience a libido decrease after turning 40 or 50. However, in no way it should be considered a norm or be accepted unless you feel comfortable having reduced sexual interest.


stress and Female Libido

Stress always plays a big role in one’s sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, we tend to experience numerous stresses, from finances to work and self-image, on a daily basis. Such negative thoughts affect our mental state, blocking the release of sex hormones.

Moreover, stress can even grow as a factor when women experience it in regard to their sexual lives. Thus, stress can cause issues in sexual relationships, when the lack of a healthy sex life increases their stress levels. It’s an upsetting catch-22 moment, which can be resolved with higher self-care, reduction of external stress factors, and female enhancement pills to encourage sexual drive.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance among women can be connected to menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding, contraception methods, medications, diet, etc. There are plenty of factors that can affect one’s hormonal imbalance, as it is a rather delicate thing. As a result, such an imbalance can decrease or increase sex hormones release. The former can be balanced out with a female libido booster. However, in both cases, women should schedule a doctor’s consultation to learn more about their hormonal state.


Of course, menopause will affect one’s sex drive. This period comes with unbalanced hormones, confusing body changes, difficult psychological realizations, and other physical changes that affect women’s sex life on many levels.

Fortunately, the market is ready to accommodate women with such an issue. Finding a female libido enhancer after menopause is no longer a challenging or uncomfortable process for women.


As it was mentioned, the nature of female sexual desire is complicated and consists of numerous factors. There can be other, more individual causes that affect one’s libido. For instance, these can be social factors such as societal pressure or expectations of sexuality among women; personal factors like partner dissatisfaction; health factors like medications, and more.


The reduced sex drive symptoms can be a highly individual matter. For one, each woman can notice for herself whether her sexual needs faced a decrease over time. Noticing and caring for such changes can be enough to encourage sexual increase back into their lives. Some of the symptoms may also include:

  • Little to no interest in sexual activities, whether alone (masturbation) or with a partner;
  • inability to reach orgasm or receive satisfaction during sex;
  • not having sexual thoughts, drives, or desire;
  • feeling unsatisfied with personal sex life or lack of sexual drive/activities.

Of course, experiencing some or all of these symptoms does not have to indicate a health issue. Sex drive can always stay at one high level. It faces ups and downs, depending on the monthly hormonal changes, mood swings, physical health, etc. However, living with a no sex drive for longer periods should be factored in as it can mean a decreased libido.

How To Increase Female Libido

Healthy sex life has immense meaning to women at any age. It is beneficial for their general health, self-perception, personal relationships, and mood. That is why no one should accept the loss of libido as a norm. Everything from a female libido enhancer to lifestyle and dietary changes may help women restore their sex life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Vitamins and Minerals

Women can take various natural supplements such as vitamins and minerals to increase their libido. Overall, these are basic supplements that should help your body’s normal functions. Thus, women should ensure a diet rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E as well as magnesium, zinc, and other minerals.


Women’s dietary choices matter greatly in their ability to increase or decrease sexual drive. For one, a healthy diet is a sure way to have a more enjoyable and active sexual life. It helps maintain strong physical health, reduces stress and anxiety, and encourages self-care. Secondly, certain foods can be natural aphrodisiacs. Hence, they can increase one’s desire and sexual drive.


Oysters for female libido


Chocolate for female libido


Figs for female libido


honey for female libido

Female Libido Supplements

Women should not be afraid of libido supplements available on the market. It is true that the pharm market took a while to meet women’s needs in such an area, whereas supplements for men have been long socially accepted. Still, currently, there is a great variety of supplements women should try to return to their sexual drive.
Choosing the best female libido enhancer is a deeply personal thing. Women may sign up for a doctor’s consultation, read reviews online, or test several pills before finding the one to address all their needs.


Female libido decrease is a significant issue that can affect women’s health and relationship. Women should learn about the common symptoms and causes behind reduced sex drive to live a full and passionate life. That is why it is also essential to seek a solution with a noticeable libido decrease. Not to mention that active sex life have numerous health benefits that women should freely enjoy.


How to increase female libido with supplements?

Women may take libido supplements before sexual intercourse to increase their sex drive and sexual endurance. They can also choose supplements to help them balance sex hormones.

Do female libido supplements work?

Supplements can restore or increase the natural sex drive in women. Of course, libido supplements work on women, depending on the causes of the initial libido decrease, the type of supplements they choose, and their physical health state.

Are female libido supplements safe?

Libido supplements for women should be safe if bought in reliable stores with a doctor’s subscription or after reading the reviews and ingredients of the pills.

How to increase female libido home remedies?

There are numerous home remedies to increase libido naturally. Most of them include high vitamin and mineral intake, special food like chocolate or aphrodisiac fruits and seafood, plus limiting alcohol intake.

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